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THE BOOK: "Encompassing" - MUST READ!

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Here is the link to the page that houses the Portable Document Format Version (.pdf) of "Encompassing".
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This is written by me, Lord Richard. I worked very hard on this. It is a full novel and there is a follow up to come soon, that is done, but needs polishing.

(These are sent in by all of you. I thank you. I can use a full name, email address, etc. or just initials. For now I will use intitials until asked otherwise.)
"I was excited from go! This definately delves into the depths and I can't wait for more!" -- R.C.
"More of the stuff I like. This is really good!" -- J.S.
"I don't really read that often, but I wanted to read this!" -- J.H.
"More! Please, write more!" -- L.G.
"I want to help! This is amazing!" -- P.S.
"This is new! This is what I want to read!" -- Z.B.
"I knew you were complex. I've read things you wrote before, but this is a roller coaster of feelings, thoughts and ideas!" -- G.P.
"I hate to read, but this...I think this is the ultimate lead in to more!" -- M.H.
"Fascinating!" -- A.W.

NOTE: For now this is an ongoing work as people point out errors, mistakes, things you all think should be changed, etc. That is why Feedback is important! I plan to have the cover art up ASAP!

Technology - Need To Know


Philosophy - Someday You'll Know

"A human being is a part of the whole, called by us 'Universe,' a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
- Albert Einstein


This quote was sent to me, and I have to tell you, I am shocked to learn Einstein and I have almost the exact same view of the universe. The deeper I delved into quantum reality, the more I agree with a lot of Einstein's views, even though he argued against the reality of quantum physics, only to be proved wrong. I believe, in the long run, we shall see that Einstein may have had some insight into the macro issues of the micro quantum.
A very good friend of mine (who is no slacker in his own right, having attained a Ph.D. in Mechanical Physics, and then attaining a prestigious position) took me to see a young man. This gentleman had recently won the Nobel Prize for physics for his work on Einstein-Bose condensates. Ever since, I have been even more convinced that the underlying specter of his work will be proof that Einstein was actually correct when he said God does not play dice with the universe. Now, this is not to say that Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg are wrong. I believe both of them were only scraping the surface of how right each opposing view was. In much , the same manner, I believe Darwinian theory describes only part of the whole process of evolution. The other part, in my opinion, is very near Lamarkian, but with a set of governing rules. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first. Lord Richard believes that - just as Newton discovered that there were infallible rules to the universe, known as physics, and then set out to illustrate them, Lord Richard has discovered infallible rules to evolution and has already mapped out how a lot of them work. But that's a deeper topic for upcoming articles.

Speaking of Evolutions, I have been trying to reach another very good friend of mine who holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics. Wow, talk about a mind! He has some interesting views about evolution and society and he also is presenting a rather interesting seminar and I wanted to share these things with you. However, I ran out of time and didn't get an opportunity to leave him a message until it was too late for him to get back to me. So, hopefully the next article will include some of his phenomenal insights.
We have recently been discussing collaboration on a book that I will definitely be keeping you all informed about, and that you all better buy! ;-)

World Reality - In The Know

This was sent to me by the family member who has graced us all with the other recent video clips. You won't want to miss this short clip, it's funny and informative. Of it he says, "I think most of us are aware of some of these facts, but they did a great job of wrapping it all up in a very entertaining manner. Enjoy!"
Click Here
Editor's Note: I wrote the paragraph above over a decasde ago. The link appears to go to a whole new concept, but but it does include the original. I am a fan of othere people's works too. MEANING, if you have something to share, send it to me ny clicking here. If you are one of the few whom think sending me hate mail, malware, viruses, etc. has an effect. You're right. It does. It doesn't effect me, it effects our overall opinion of what you have to offer humanity and why you should exist. I suppose, in the long run, negative people exist for the entertainment of those who peer for a moment - then change the channel.

Books: Reviewed - So You'll Know

(Plus: An exclusive look into the future!)

"The Vatican Connection" by Richard Hammer
This is a(Editor jumps in again), [interesting] book! It was given to me to read by a family member who refuses to take responsibility for the way I turned out. This book chronicles the connection between the Vatican and the American Mafia. What makes it so interesting is you learn about the interconnections between The Vatican, South American Drug Lords, Nixon, Manuel Noriega, and most of the bad crap that went down about 30 years ago, in the 80's. All uncovered by one cop named Joe Coffey, who was a determine bastard who even after all of this, went on to find even more fame. In fact, I found his resume, online, if you are interested:
Click Here
You can buy The Vatican Connection, on Amazon (used) for only a penny! Yeah, I'm not joking, 1 cent! Don't let the price deter you, it's a good book and the best penny (I literally mean 1 cent!) you will ever spend.
Click Here

If you are skeptical about this penny thing, then go ahead and pay full price (new). Heck, I'll get a percentage this way. (Editor's note: It's actrually cheaper new now than it was when this was written, if one considers shipping.):
Click Here

The Vatican Connection
The Vatican Connection

If you are interested in buying it, and getting a head start on me, please use this link:
Click Here

Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!

Dude, Where's My Country?

Something Fun - No Need To Know Anything

I know some of you are wondering if I am going to release Santa's Cows again this year. The answer, if just 3 of you, just 3, donate $5, I will! The reason for this is simple, there are some basic things I must do to make that happen, and that is the cost of those things, without considering being paid for the time. For those of you scratching your heads, Santa's Cows is a game created by me and some of my cohorts a few years back, and every year I have been updating it and re-releasing it. It's fun, it's very funny, and I know you'll love it!

Gamers - Do We Really Have To Know

Security - Only Fools Don't Want To Know

Hardware - I'll Bet You Didn't Know

My Opinion - This Was Coming And You Knew

More - Other Stuff To Know

This Newsletter - So I'll Know

I have been getting great feedback from a LOT of you! I know all of your ideas and suggestions have not yet been implemented, but they will be! That is not an excuse to stop telling me what to do! I know you all love doing that! Also, a lot of you have sent articles for me to review and pass on. Keep up the great work! I am eventually going to get them all reviewed and a lot of them, being great, are going to be in here!
One other thing I want to note, if you send me an article, and you want your name in lights, tell me, when I use it and I'll quote you as the source. You can specify if you don't want your full name used, and also if you would or would not like your e-mail address used for feedback.

Also please let me know what sections you do and don't like. Some are slated to become regular sections, while others will get the boot as this evolves, but which are which, is up to you!

Which brings me to my last item, Discussion Boards! Oops, that is an item for some time later!

Take care, much love,
Lord Richard (Yes I'm really a Lord! Stop asking!)

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Thank you!


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